5 Outdated Fashion Trends that you Should Stop Following Right Away

New Fashion Trends 2020
New Fashion Trends 2020
December 3, 2020
Top 8 Fashion Tips 2020
Top 8 Fashion Tips 2020
December 4, 2020

5 Outdated Fashion Trends that you Should Stop Following Right Away

5 Outdated Fashion Trends that you Should Stop Following Right Away

5 Outdated Fashion Trends that you Should Stop Following Right Away: Fashion, like every aspect of your lifestyle, has evolved since women ventured into the workplace, started wearing bikinis.

So abiding by these outdated fashion rules isn’t only getting to hinder your personal style, but also cause you to miss out on fashion style opportunities. Therefore the reality is that the style rules of 2020 are more about finding a fashion “guideline” and making it work for you.

You can’t mix brown with black

Was this ever a fashion rule? I honestly can’t believe it because brown and black create a number of the chicest outfits.

Not to mention that brown has many various shade options. Everything from a latte tan, to an upscale amber-brown, or deep chocolate.

Add texture to make more depth and a more balanced look. In fall you can try a black sweater with mid brown trousers. Or for warmer weather, choose a pair of black shorts with a dark brown tank or blazer.

You can’t wear navy and black

We are just digging down on all the outdated fashion rules and tons of them seem to be about color combinations. I don’t realize you but the sole fashion color rules I concentrate on are Pantone’s color trends for every season, and really they’re just suggestions.

But navy and black? It’s the right tonal outfit and will be embraced. This rule was probably emphasized because 20 years ago it had been seen as unintentional to combine navy and black. As if you mistakenly pulled navy rather than black and now your outfit is forever marked with shame. But, now tonal fashion has become an enormous trend.

Horizontal stripes cause you to look bigger

So, while there are some very unflattering horizontal stripe silhouettes out there, the rule that horizontal stripes cause you to look bigger is really false.

Because of Helmholtz’s illusion which was further researched to use specifically to fashion years later; we discovered the foundational incontrovertible fact that if two people of equivalent size are wearing one horizontal stripe dress and the other has vertical, the person wearing the vertical stripe dress appears bigger.

Leggings aren’t pants

I’m unsure when this became a fashion rule, but it certainly doesn’t delay as a fashion rule out 2020.

But, leggings can absolutely be pants if styled correctly.

Don’t mix gold and silver jewelry

This is another outdated fashion rule that not applies. In 2020 we are all about mixing metals and you’ve got two options for mixing gold and silver jewelry.

You can either mix metals all on one plane, otherwise, you can keep each metal on a separate plane. And once I mention planes, image horizontal lines crossing your body at your neck, your ears, or anywhere else you would possibly wear jewelry. Each line would constitute its own plane. You can mix gold and silver jewelry on one plane by having two or three different necklaces (for instance, two gold chains and one silver).

Or you could have a gold necklace with silver rings. Two metals, two planes.

However, remember that one piece of jewelry or one plane should be the focus of your outfit. Don’t make all of your accessories compete with one another.

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